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25' Extension Hose
Model # PA0650110
Extend your cleaning reach with this 1/4" diameter hose. Clean your basement floor, garage floor, or tool shed with an additional 25' extension or replacement hose. Use with pressure washers up to 2500 PSI, including these Coleman Powermate models:
PW0881800, PW0892400, PW0881801, PW0912400, PW0882100, PW0912500, PW0902200, PW0902201, PW0912200

50' Extension Hose
Model # PA0650111
This 3/8" diameter hose with quick connect fittings is perfect for the job site when you don't want downtime to reposition your equipment. Use with pressure washers of 2600 PSI or greater, including these Coleman Powermate models:
PW0923001, PW0933500, PW0923500, PW0933501