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3 Peak HP , 4 Gallon Oilless Twin-stack Air Compressor

Part Number: WL5062

* 4 Gallon, low center-of-gravity tank
for portability and un-level surface
* Low Maintenance, Oil-free pump
* The 3,450 RPM motor draws only 14 Amps
which eliminates tripped breakers
* Easily Operate multiple nailers at one
time for efficient workflow
* Warranty: 3 Years

The WL5062, Contractor Twin-Stack Air Compressor
provides maintenance free operation at any job
site. With the ability to run multiple nailers at
once, this compressor is ideal for contractors
on-the-go. The low center of gravity allows for
un-even operation such as on roof-tops or uneven
foundations. The WL5062, twin-stack design has
been a top performer for years, and with a 3 year
warranty, will provide you with many years of