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5 Peak HP , 20 Gallon, Twin Cylinder, Single Stage, Oil Lubricated, Cast Iron, Portable

Part Number: VT6290

* Twin cylinder oil lubricated cast iron
pump - for durability, long life and quiet
* 20 horizontal ASME portable tank - saves
space in crowded work areas while offering
plenty of stored power
* Made in USA, 3 year warranty - high quality
products backed by the best warranty in the
* Over 35% quieter than aluminum pumps with
cast iron cylinder sleeves, and much quieter
than direct drive pumps
* Warranty: 3 Years

The VT6290, 5 (Peak) HP, wired for household
current delivers enough air power to tackle
tough jobs. The 20 gallon horizontal ASME code
tank is very portable and will not take up too
much valuable real estate in the garage or on
the job. The twin cylinder, oil lubricated, cast
iron single stage pump runs quieter - so the
compressor can be used in the same area that
the work is taking place. Solid cast iron units
are up to 35% quieter than aluminum units with
cast iron cylinder sleeves, and dramatically
quieter than direct drive aluminum compressors.
These compressors are made in the US with a 3
year warranty - quality construction backed by
the best warranty in the industry.