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7 Peak HP , 80 Gallon ASME Vertical tank, Two Stage

Part Number: HS7815

* 230v 1 Phase Motor does not require a
magnetic starter - lowering the cost of
* Cast Iron V shaped pump allows air to
flow over each cylinder - better cooling
and longer life
* 15.1 CFM @ 90 PSI and 13.7 CFM @ 175
PSI - stores more energy to run more tools
* 80 Gallon vertical ASME code tank, heavy
wire belt guard, quality switches and
gauges - provides excellent value.
* Warranty: 3 Years

The HS7815, two stage air compressor, is made
in the USA. The cast iron pump is designed for
thousands of hours of service, with easy
maintenance. Since two stage compressors
compress air twice before it is stored in the
tank, the air stored at 175 psi has more energy
to run more tools. The compressor cycles less
often, and lasts longer. The 80 gallon vertical
tank is the most popular size for this type of
unit - it offers plenty of air storage, yet
doesn't eat up valuable floor space. The 230v
single phase motor on this unit does not require
a separate magnetic starter, which saves time
and money during installation.