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125 PSI, 120 Volt Portable, Wall Mountable

Part Number: FP2004

* Second generation, twin cylinder pump
tackles inflation, brad nailing, stapling
& more
* Built-In accessory storage and wall
mounting capability keeps garage clutter-free
* Easy-to-adjust, built-in air regulator
allows for precision air operation
* Includes a tire chuck and a 50 ft.
recoil air hose
* Warranty: 1 Years

The FP2004, designed with the hobbyist and
weekend warrior, is compact enough for placement
on, above or under the work bench. This versatile
unit also has a Wall Mounting Bracket built-in.
The convenient storage compartment makes this
compressor self contained, as it easily adapts
to any work environment. Each control was designed
for easy operation and extreme functionality. It
is the perfect companion for inflating pool toys,
sport balls, bike tires, car tires, etc. It uses
120 volt power and reaches a maximum PSI of 125.