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7 Peak HP , 80 Gallon ASME Vertical tank, Cast Iron 4 Cylinder single stage pump

Part Number: CIQ71080V

* 230 V 1 Phase Motor - does not require a
magnetic starter for lower cost installation
* Slow running Four Cylinder Cast Iron single
stage pump designed to run cooler
* 16.8 CFM @ 90 PSI - 14.3 @ 135 PSI - more
air to run more tools
* 80 Gallon ASME Code vertical Tank for more
stored energy in a space saving design
* Warranty: 3 Year

The CIQ71080V, cast iron " Quad" pump is designed
to run slower and cooler than competitive single
stage units while delivering air flow comparable
to a two stage compressor. Since the unit delivers
a max PSI of 135, the 80 gallon vertical tank stores
lots of power for tough jobs. This compressor is
designed to run more tools, often at the same time,
and provide years of reliable service. The vertical
stationary tank design saves space in crowded work
areas, while providing lots of stored energy. The unit
is CSA approved, made in the US and carries a 3 year
warranty - the best in the business.