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15 HP, 120 Gallon Horizontal Two-Stage, 4 Cylinders

Part Number: TX2116

* Cast Iron Quad pump delivers 15,000+ hours
of life & reliable performance
* 54.4 SCFM @ 90 PSI will meet the needs of
a small plant operation
* The US made solid Cast Iron pump is powerful
enough to run at 100% Duty Cycle
* 120 Gallon ASME tank provides an abundance
of air storage, allowing the pump and motor to
cycle less
* Warranty: 3 Years

The CI15K3120H, is designed for the most extreme,
multi-user pneumatic applications. Special power
needs are required for this 208-230, 460 Volt / 3
Phase compressor motor. The Two-Stage, pump uses
splash technology to lubricate the 4 Cast-iron
cylinders and permanent molded pistons. A precision
balanced, fan-type flywheel is heavily guarded by
the metal belt guard as it assists the crankshaft's
smooth operation of a low 1020 RPM. Its advanced
head design has free floating valves to reduce carbon
build-up and a deep finned intercooler with an
interstage safety valve to protect the pump from
extreme PSI levels. Each pump is built with oversized
tapered roller bearings and an easy to read oil level
gauge. The Dual Industrial Air Filter/Silencer is fitted
with replaceable cartridges. Our 3 YEAR warranty is the
best in the industry on an ASME certified tank.