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Northern Tool - 1600 Watt, 3 HP Portable Generator Produces AC/DC Power

Part Number: 164060

- Sport 1600 runs 5 hours on one gallon of gas!
Delivers 1600 Watt surge, 1300 continuous Watts.
Compact portable generator runs lights, coffeemaker
or small tools at your campsite or cabin. Powered
by quiet running 4-cycle 3 HP Briggs & Stratton
engine. Two 120 Volt AC outlets, plus 12 Volt, 15
Amp output to quickly recharge batteries. Built-in
circuit breakers. Has full side panels to muffle
noise and rubber feet to cut down on vibration and
creeping. Jumper cables included. One year limited
warranty. 18.3in.L x 11.8in.W x 16.4in.H.