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Air Rotary Cutting Tool

Part Number: TL117400AV

Sequential trigger for end user safety
Produces 25,000 RPM @ 90PSI (6.2 SCFM req.)
* Patented ergonomic body is durable, insulated
and lightweight
* Features a quick bit exchange and adjustable
depth guide
* An exhaust diffuser for quiet operation and an
air swivel to prevent hose binding.
* Warranty: 1 Year

The TL1174 is the first Air Rotary Cutting Tool
on the market. It is ideal for detailed cuts in
a variety of materials including: wood, plastic,
ceramic tile & dry wall. The 9 pc. Kit includes:
(1) Rotary Tool (2) Wrenches (1) 1/4" collet (2)
General Purpose Cutting Bits (1) Cutting Depth Guide
(1) 1/4" Industrial NPT(M) Plug (1) Air Swivel.