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1/2 Air Impact Wrench

Part Number: PL250298AV

* At 425 ft. lbs. of torque, supplies the most power
of the 1/2" size, for removal of stubborn bolts and
Soft SantopreneŽ elastomer grip for increased comfort
* Powerful balanced twin hammer mechanism for maximum output
* Integrated power regulator and forward/reverse mechanism
for ease of control
* Warranty: 3-Year

The PL250298AV, 1/2" Air Impact Wrench, includes a
1/4" NPT (screened filter) air inlet to keep dirt
and debris from damaging the tool and is designed
for tire shop, suspension, frame and other heavy
duty automobile work. The 3 year warranty proves
our commitment to product excellence and that we
believe it is Built To Last.