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3/8 Air Ratchet

Part Number: PL150198AV

Sequential trigger for end user safety
* 55 ft. lbs. of torque provides the power to
remove nuts and bolts
* Soft SantopreneŽ elastomer grip for increased comfort
* Heat treated components for increased durability
* Ball socket retainer provides fast and easy
socket replacement
* Warranty: 3-Year

The PL150198AV, 3/8" Air Ratchet, comes with a
forward/reverse dial conveniently located for quick
directional changes, a 1/4" NPT (screened filter)
air inlet to keep dirt and debris from damaging the
tool, and a metal trigger lever for ease of use and
durability. The 3 year warranty proves our commitment
to product excellence and that we believe it is Built
To Last.